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Yixing Shenlian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd./Yixing Shenlian Environmental Textile Accessories Plant is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing,sale and services of series products like mechanical equipment, environmental protection projects, dyeing printing nickel screens and special screens.
Our company has specialized in the production of nickel network  equipment shop, year round production of nickel network equipment in 1980s, from the introduction of nickel Austria STK network based on the manufacture of equipment after a decade of production and continuous improvement, many years with Shandong largest nickel mesh with the company, Jiangyin City Nickel Network Co., Ltd., hundreds of a nickel screen plant common development and innovation, continuous improvement, our network equipment industry to produce a nickel-mesh network of high choice. Our products are exported to Egypt, Indonesia, Nigeria and other countries.
Our operating principles are“customers First, Quality First”. Undertake completely from planning to after-sales service. We pursue seeking increasing perfection from quality, work hard as good as it gets from service. And we offer the best quality and after-sales service. We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you.