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Mechanical industry steady increase revenues High-end equipment into the direction in the future
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"Machinery industry in the national policies of the current our country under the guidance, adhere to innovation, leading the transformation and upgrading of industries, and achieved a complete closed off, so to speak." On July 23, President of China machinery industry federation rui-xiang wang on the 2nd China manufacturing peak BBS, according to the "twelfth five-year" period, our country mechanical industry by the industry's main income of 13.96 trillion yuan to 22.98 trillion yuan, profit by the "11th five-year plan" at the end of the 1.17 trillion yuan to 1.6 trillion yuan.


According to rui-xiang wang, by the end of 2015, the industry has established 222 key laboratory and engineering technology center, has completed the acceptance and runs for 168, formed a wide coverage, and strong professional platform for the industry's innovation.


Zhang Gang pointed out that the corporation of the state council, China has become the world's manufacturing power, regardless of whether they are manufacturing production or import and export, and the number of manufacturing, the world's first. But China's manufacturing industry big but not strong, mainly displays in the innovation ability is not strong, quality, efficiency is not high, the industrial structure is not optimal, poor resource utilization.


Statistics show that in 2013, nearly 80% of Chinese goods with price advantage to win the competition, and developed countries such as Germany, Japan, quality win competition proportion is as high as 56%, even 65%.


Chinese academy of engineering, said cheng said at present our country still rely heavily on imported key parts of high-end equipment, 70% ~ 80% of high-end CNC machine tools rely on imports, while the numerical control system of form a complete set 90% dependent on imports. And domestic industrial robots (300024) the required precision gear reducer, servo motor and controller, such as core parts, most direct procurement of foreign products.


To improve, to think of "made in China" voice, not only to raise awareness increasing investment, but also to strengthen the construction of "four base" innovation ability and the platform, give full play to the role of the production, use. "Improve basic ability, the government play a major role, the industrialization shall be the responsibility of the enterprise to." Liu Lin said.


The last kilometer "made in China, is the brand. Because we are all produced, eventually to achieve through market exchange, without the brand market exchange, is actually very difficult." The CCTV advertising center director Ren Xuean thinks, the brand construction of our country is still at the third level of the world, be badly in need of a batch of new power brand to show the strength and image of the made in China.